Bloom Skills Employment

A friendly team that offers guidance and resource for the unemployed needed an identity and website.


'Your journey'. After speaking with the team it became clear that the design needed to feel uplifting with a sense of steady forward motion. They were certain on a tree for the logo so this was designed along with the leaves for a more dynamic and versatile brand language. An organic-feeling display serif was chosen to give some complimentary contrast and reassuring tone of voice. Spots of animation are set at a relaxed speed to echo the aim to 'support clients at their pace'.


The team were thankfully full of praise for the design and have been inundated with clients asking for their expertise.

Bloom Skills Employment logo of an illustrated multi-coloured tree with small petals blossoming from it
Bloom Skills Employment website home page with large multi-coloured petals
Bloom Skills Employment website home page stating the company's values as caring, empowering, respectful and accountable
Bloom Skills Employment website employment page listing the opportunities provided